Volunteer Roles
Special Olympics Ontario volunteers can get involved at the club, community, regional and/or provincial level. Volunteering at the provincial level can lead to opportunities at the national and/or international level. Some volunteers offer a few hours of their time a year at specific events, while others work several hours a week year-round. Whatever your interests, talents, background and availability, Special Olympics Ontario has volunteer opportunities for you!

* Please be advised that you must be 14 years of age or older to be a regular volunteer with Special Olympics Ontario. Please inquire about opportunities for junior volunteers between the ages of 14 and 18 years old.

Volunteer as a coach! - All of our sport clubs are fully operated by volunteer coaches who run weekly practices and attend competitions and sporting events with their teams. In order to become a certified coach, you must attend and complete the necessary National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) workshops. For more information about NCCP training, please visit our coaching page on the Special Olympics Ontario website by clicking here!

Volunteer for a local sports club or in your community
! - We are always looking for volunteers to assist coaches in our local sports clubs by helping out at weekly practices, providing extra administrative or team management or lending a hand at local competitions.

Volunteer on a Council
! - All of our Community Councils are fully operated by volunteers. Community Councils are responsible for volunteers and athletes within their community by making financial and administrative decisions and providing support as a whole. Councils are made up of a variety of positions including Community Coordinator, Treasurer, Volunteer Registrar,
Fundraising Coordinator and Secretary. For more information about Special Olympics Ontario Community Councils, click here.

Volunteer with a Special Olympics program!
- In addition to sports clubs, Special Olympics Ontario offers a variety of programs geared towards youth and healthy living. Such programs include Active Start, FUNdamentals & Youth Multi-Sport, Physical Activity & Healthy Living (PAHL) and our Athlete Leadership Programs (ALPs). For more information about these programs, click the links above.

Volunteer at major competitions and sporting events!
- Sporting events  typically involves athletes from several clubs, gathering in one location to take part in official competition. These events are planned and run completely by staff and volunteers. Volunteers have the option of getting involved in the planning of the event or just simply helping on the day itself (i.e. score keeping).
Event volunteering is suited for people who might be interested in event management/planning.